Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us. Sparco Telecom LLC is committed to respecting your privacy and the confidentiality of your Personal Information and the content of your communications. This Privacy Statement is meant to assist End Users and Account Managers in understanding how We use and safeguard the information that We process when providing our Wholesale Services.

We encourage you to read this Privacy Statement carefully when using Sparco Telecom Services and tools (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”). This document governs Sparco Telecom’s collection, use and disclosure of your Personal Information as well as Non-Personally Identifiable Information in relation to the Wholesale Services.

If you have any questions about our privacy practices, please refer to the end of this Privacy Policy for information on how to contact us.




Account Managers 

Individuals who act on behalf of a Wholesale Customer in regard to the ordering, receipt, and administration of Wholesale Services.



End Users 

Individuals who are lawfully provided access to Our Wholesale Services by a Wholesale Customer.



Wholesale Customer 

the entity which has contracted for the Sparco Telecom Wholesale Services and provided End Users with access to such services.



Sparco Telecom or Us/We/Our 

Means Sparco Telecom, LLC. and its affiliates, including account Managers and employees.



Non-Personally Identifiable Information 

aggregated, de-identified or other information that we cannot reasonably associate with an individual person.

Personal Information

Information about an identifiable individual that is recorded in any form and that We have about You. Personal Information does not include information that is aggregated or otherwise does not identify an individual or does not permit Us to associate such information with an individual.

Privacy Statement 

Refers to this Privacy and Security Statement as updated from time and time and available on the Sparco Telecom website.

Wholesale Services
are the wholesale voice termination, and data services described on the Sparco Telecom website,

What information we collect?

We only collect information that we believe is necessary and appropriate for the purposes identified in this Privacy Statement. This information includes the:

  • contact information of, and other information disclosed to Us by, Account Managers;
  • originating and terminating number of a phone call;
  • content of a phone call, as described below;
  • content of a data session;
  • duration of a phone call;
  • End User device identifier and services capabilities; and
  • the location of the cell tower which is used when you make a call or initiate a data session.

We do not actively record the content of phone calls, except (i) where required to provide the Wholesale Services; (ii) where obliged or permitted by applicable law; and (iii) at the request of a Wholesale Customer for the purposes of the Wholesale Customer, such as the monitoring of their End Users . It is the responsibility of the Wholesale Customer to ensure that their purposes are lawful in the jurisdiction in which they operate.

We may also randomly record phone calls for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes. Such communications content is used only for those purposes and is retained for a minimal amount of time and thereafter promptly deleted.

We have no access to End User names, email addresses, billing information, or other similar information.

Why we collect information from you?

We collect and use information from You for the following reasons:

  • to conduct business transactions with current and prospective Wholesale Customers;
  • to provide, maintain and improve the Wholesale Services to Our Wholesale Customers;
  • to monitor and analyze trends, usage and activities about the Wholesale Services;
  • to identify the needs and preferences of End Users;
  • to detect and prevent fraud;
  • to meet applicable legal and regulatory requirements and obligations;
  • to administer and manage Our business operations and Wholesale Customer accounts;
  • to resolve disputes and troubleshoot problems; and
  • to prevent improper or illegal use of the Wholesale Services.

Use of data.

Sparco Telecom is responsible for a telecommunication network used to carry telephone traffic.

  • Analysis Techniques for Network Planning
    • Improve and network planning.
    • Network performance.
    • Traffic routing.
    • Fault clearance
    • Network monitoring for peak loads and overloads.
  • Management of Business and deals.
  • Security

Analyzing the use made of our network gives us essential network usage and load information. Based on this information, we can expand and enhance our network in a targeted way.

Sparco Telecom processes traffic data for these technical and statistical analyses. This includes:

  1. Telephony data like your telephone number, date and starting and ending times of a call, the type of service concerned, International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI), International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) and
  2. Data such as Customer identification.

Protection of your information.

We have invested in and deployed technological and organizational security measures to protect information that we process. For instance, we maintain firewalls, network segmentation, periodic security scans, patch updates and other technical security measures for our servers and internal networks, and the servers on which Personal Information is stored are located in secure facilities that are available only to authorized personnel. We use restrictive access methods to keep information secure. Our employees are dedicated to maintaining and upholding your privacy and security and are educated regarding this Privacy Statement. Only those employees who require Personal Information to perform a specific function related to the Sparco Telecom service are granted access to that information. Our employees are required to use the utmost discretion when accessing Personal Information, and they are prohibited from using Personal Information for purposes unrelated to their job functions. As appropriate, our employees are notified when this Privacy Statement is revised or other privacy or security measures are implemented by Sparco Telecom.

We require that our third party service providers agree to keep all information We share with them and to use the information only to perform their obligations in the agreements We have in place with them. These third party service providers are expected to maintain privacy and security protections that are consistent with applicable law. While We provide these third parties with no more information than is necessary to perform the function for which We engaged them, any information that You provide to these third parties independently is subject to their respective privacy policies and practices.


Disclosure of personal information.

We do not sell your Personal Information to anyone other than your Wholesale Customer in connection with the Wholesale Services provided to them. We only disclose Your Personal Information to third parties where necessary to fulfill the purposes identified in this Privacy Statement or where requested by You.

We may, however, use or disclose your Personal Information for legal or regulatory reasons as necessary or as required to investigate fraud, to protect Sparco Telecom, Wholesale Customers, and End Users, to otherwise protect against the unlawful use of the Wholesale Services, or as otherwise described above in the section titled, “Why We Collect Information from You?”

You acknowledge that it is Sparco Telecom’ policy and prerogative to respond to all governmental inquiries regarding its Wholesale Services. In the event a competent governmental authority asks Sparco Telecom to retain and provide Personal Information about You, Sparco Telecom reserves the right to provide any and all assistance and information necessary in its opinion to fulfill the request.

We also may disclose Personal Information in connection with a merger, acquisition or bankruptcy if We should ever file for bankruptcy or merge with another company, or if We should decide to buy another business, or sell or reorganize part or all of our business. We may disclose Your Personal Information to prospective or actual purchasers and other parties. By using the Wholesale Services, You acknowledge that any such transfer of Your Personal Information may occur. It is Sparco Telecom’ practice to obtain appropriate protections for Personal Information disclosed in these types of transactions. Sparco Telecom cannot, however, guarantee that the Privacy Statement applicable to the Wholesale Services will remain unchanged if Sparco Telecom is sold or merges with or is acquired by another company.


Retention personal information.

Personal Information will be retained only as long as necessary for the fulfillment of the purposes identified in this Privacy Statement or as otherwise required or permitted by applicable law.

Acuracy of personal Information

Sparco Telecom takes reasonable steps to make sure that the Personal Information We process is accurate, complete and up-to-date for the purposes for which it is collected and processed. You should ensure that any information you provide to Us or the relevant Wholesale Customer (your employer) is accurate, complete and up-to-date, and You should contact Us or the relevant Wholesale Customer (your employer), as appropriate, should you need to update or review that information.

You may also access a copy of Your Personal Information or otherwise exercise your rights afforded under applicable law by contacting us at the address provided below and by providing evidence of your identity. If the information requested does not identify you without us obtaining additional information, we may not be able to honor your request.


Transfer information.

The Personal Information that We collect may be stored and processed on servers located in various countries, including servers located outside of your home country. This is necessary to ensure that your calls reach their intended destination.

Sparco Telecom  is based in the United States, and the information We collect is governed by U.S. law and the state of Florida. The laws of other countries may not provide the same degree of protection for your Personal Information as your home country. By accessing our using Sparco Telecom services or otherwise providing information to us, you expressly acknowledge and consent to the processing and transfer of Personal Information in and to countries outside your home country, including to the U.S. If you do not agree to the transfer of Your Personal Information as provided in this Privacy Statement, We may not be able to provide services to You. Please direct any inquiries or complaints regarding our compliance with the Privacy Principles set forth in this Privacy Policy to this Privacy Policy. We will investigate all such inquiries or complaints and will respond as appropriate. If We determine that a complaint is justified, We will take appropriate remedial measures, in Our sole discretion, including modifying Our policies and practices.

Contact us; our Legal Department.

Please direct any questions or correspondence regarding this Privacy Statement to the Legal Department. The Legal Deparment can be reached by sending correspondence to:

Sparco telecom llc.
ATTN: Legal Department
2712 ne 184 Terrace,
North Miami beach, Fl USA 33160